quarta-feira, 24 de maio de 2006

Dê um vista de olhos em Googlism


nuno is all over the place on the record
nuno is the name of your son
nuno is remembered in secular history for his military victory at aljubarrota in 1385
nuno is doing well
nuno is a free player
nuno is wanted for an incident that occurred in december of 1994
nuno is not too optimistic
nuno is he is a bit of a head case and a trouble maker
nuno is therefore out of luck
nuno is a strong player with lots of ability and loves to take defenders on
nuno is the best
nuno is one of my big influences
nuno is one of those crazy people
nuno is very popular here in japan
nuno is an idol as a person
nuno is a great goalscorer and also very technically gifted
nuno is a fidalgo of taste and distinction
nuno is fluent in portuguese
nuno is a portuguese newcomer to hollywood
nuno is forgiven

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Daniela Mann disse...

Olá Nuno, fui experimentar,(Patrícia) e correu logo mal! LOLOLOLOLOL
Beijinhos à Sara e à tua princesinha!
Tenho casa nova no: